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The All-New iPad Air, Halide Mark II, Reeder 5, and Creative Pro Apps

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This week, Federico and John discuss Federico's iPad Air review, Halide Mark II, Reeder 5, new HomePod functionality, Adobe MAX's introduction of Illustrator for iPad and Fresco for iPhone, plus Apple Music TV and two music Unwind picks.

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Links and Show Notes


iPad Air Review: Forward-Looking

Halide Mark II Review: The Convenience of Computational Photography and Flexibility of RAW in an Elegant Camera App

Reeder 5 Review: Read Later Tagging, iCloud Sync, and Design Refinements

Adobe MAX Kicks Off with Illustrator for iPad, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Fresco Updates for iPad, Plus the Addition of Fresco for iPhone

Hands-On with the HomePod’s New Intercom Feature, Alarms, and Siri Tricks

Apple Debuts New Music Video Streaming Service Called Apple Music TV

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